About Us

About Us

16 Years of Experience in Solar & Renewable Energy

This website is dedicated to everything related to solar energy. We have run our premises off grid for well over 10 years learning from mistakes along the way, we now educate customers on how to go off grid, provide ‘hands on’ workshops on how to do it and an online store to supply you everything you need. It is far more than a solar informational website, it is also a community. This website allows you to interact with like-minded people and share your passion about renewable energy!

Our Mission

To teach and inspire people that solar power is possible reducing there carbon footprint.

Our Vision

Preparing customers for the future, harnessing new technologies.

About Company

Why Choose Us

We're Ready For Solar Energy, but We Need To Use It Well

Solar Energy is an amazing way to power your home or office but it’s not a miracle fix. You need to learn how your system works, your demand on the Solar System depends on your consumption of daily power, depending on your usage of Electricity during the dark hours depends on the size of your battery bank storage.

Powerfull Strategy

With the information you give us on your daily consumption, the space you have available and a budget in mind we pass this onto the design engineers.

Design Engineers

Once we know the basic information our design team will start to design your system to match your space, consumption and budget.

Saving Your Money

After the design part we explain roughly what the system will cost and what the benefit you will get from the system during the different seasons.

Final Consultation

Once the provisional cost is accepted we then will firm up the order either with a visit to site or via photos and videos sent from the customer.


We Complete 200+ Projects Yearly

Suppling and installing projects all over the world.

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Free Consultation when you visit our faclility

Once you visit our facility you quickly understand how easy it is to understand how everything works with our large range of solar systems for you to try.

Our Team

Meet Our Professional Team

With a broad range of skills from:

Design Engineers – Inverter Installers – Battery Installers – Roofing

Solar Panel Installers – Electricians – Electrical Grid Connectors

Addison Burn


Roxie Hodgson

CEO Syngenic

Maxine Wynn