Crypto Mining for Bitcoin / Ethereum with Solar Energy

Solar Testing

So, during the summer lockdown we had increasing numbers of customers asking for Solar Panels to run there Crypto Mining Machines.
In August we were approached by a company to quote on a solar system to run 300 Miners (special computers that complete online transactions), each machine would be using 1300w per hour (31.2kw per day) once you times this by 300 machines the maths becomes quite scary.
300 x 31.2kw = 9.3 mega watts per day, or equivalent to nearly 1200 homes and these things need to run 24/7 365 days of the year.
We set about doing the research and quoted for the job but became intrigued by what these machines were actually doing, so working with a company who make these machines we developed mining machines which can be ran on a small scale solar rig. Customers always ask what they can do with the excess power they produce during the summer months and this is ideal and a lot more profitable than the FIT (Feed in tariff).
By the end on November we had finally took delivery of one of these machines and put it to work which it has done throughout the month of December.
We will be producing more videos on how this performs but you can view the video on our video page or via this link.


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