Inspired by Jonnny Vegas (Glamping Buses

Solar Testing
Inspire by Johnny Vegas and his ‘Field of Dreams Vintage vehicle glamping in North Yorkshire’ a local camp site is doing the same.
Originally they ordered one of our basic 12v Low Voltage system to power the lights inside, charge phones and power laptops.
The solar panel, solar cable and controller that they bought from us cost them £275.00 including the VAT. They were so impressed that yesterday they bought another 2 systems to power another 2 buses which they have bought. The systems came without batteries as I suppose they will be charging the batteries which came with the bus. These systems come with a basic solar controller which can autochange for 12v or 24v charging, but just be carefull if you are using 24v to make sure your lights are 24v not 12v.
Amazing use of a retied bus and solar energy #gettingtozero #cumbriasolarsupplies #stuartsfactory
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