1c) Solar Panel 375W All Black Split Cell Mono 120cell

1c) Solar Panel 375W All Black Split Cell Mono 120cell




These stylish spanish all black 120 cell solar panels not only look great but are also affordable.

The 375W all black half cut panel is a high output and high efficiency panel. The Spanish manufacturer uses a highly developed fabrication process, including camera verification of welding, to ensure the high quality and consistency of the panels they produce.

375W mono panels have a high power output and clean aesthetic. Half-cell design allows higher efficiency with lower thermal coefficient and reduced cell connection power loss.

The quality control applied is more stringent then regulation requirements, with over 30 in-house tests, that allow them to offer a product warranty of 15 years and a warranty on output of 25 years.


  • Peak power Wp: 375W
  • Voltage at peak power: Vmp:34.28
  • max open circuit voltage Voc:41.5
  • current at peak power: 10.95A
  • max short circuit current Isc:11.46
  • weight: 19.2 kg
  • dimensions: 1755 x 1038 x 35mm
  • Product warranty: 15 years
  • Warranty on output: 25 years
  • Efficency 20.06%


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