Car Port Aluminium Single Car 9 x 410w - 3.69kw

Car Port Aluminium Single Car 9 x 410w - 3.69kw



Single Car Aluminium Car Port with 9 x 410w Solar Panels.

This comes as a basic Solar Panel system only, depending on what you require the power for depends on what other equipment you will require, for instance EV Charger, 230vAC Power Inverter, Battery Storage etc..

Collection only (Unless fitting is required)

Press Release: Introducing the Future of Sustainable Parking: Cumbria Solar Supplies Solar Car Port

Being a leader in innovative renewable energy solutions, is excited to unveil its latest breakthrough in eco-friendly technology – the Solar Car Port. This cutting-edge product redefines parking by seamlessly integrating solar panels into a sleek and functional car port design.

Designed with both environmental consciousness and convenience in mind, the Solar Car Port offers a range of benefits that cater to modern lifestyles and sustainability goals.

Harnessing Clean Energy: The Solar Car Port features a roof adorned with solar panels, transforming the parking experience into an opportunity to generate clean and renewable energy. This innovation not only provides shade and protection for your vehicle but also converts sunlight into usable electricity.

Charging Convenience: For electric vehicle (EV) owners, the Solar Car Port becomes a personal charging station. During daylight hours, your EV can charge directly from the solar panels, minimizing your reliance on grid electricity and reducing your carbon footprint.

Power Storage and Smart Integration: What truly sets the Solar Car Port apart is its ability to store excess energy generated during the day in advanced battery systems. This stored energy can then be used to charge your EV at night, ensuring a consistent and eco-friendly power supply. Moreover, the surplus energy can be directed back to your home or even the grid, making the Solar Car Port a versatile and sustainable energy hub.

“Our Solar Car Port is a prime example of our commitment to innovative, sustainable solutions that empower individuals and businesses to make a positive impact on the environment,” said Stuart Palmer, Director at Cumbria Solar Supplies Ltd. “By seamlessly integrating solar panels with everyday infrastructure, we’re bringing renewable energy to the forefront of modern living.”

The Solar Car Port not only reflects our dedication to renewable energy but also marks a significant step towards a greener and more efficient future. It exemplifies how technology and design can work harmoniously to drive positive change.

To learn more about our Solar Car Port and its benefits, please visit or contact us at Tel: 07770812208

Cumbria Solar Supplies Ltd. is a pioneering force in renewable energy solutions, dedicated to providing innovative and sustainable products that empower individuals and businesses to embrace clean energy alternatives. With a passion for environmental stewardship, we aim to reshape the energy landscape for a brighter and greener tomorrow.


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