Battery Pylontech US5000 Lithium


Battery Pylontech US5000 Lithium



Our best seller, over 60 sold in October 2022, amazing battery and easy to set up.

This 4.8kWh energy storage product from Pylon is a lithium iron phosphate (LFP) battery with a maximum DoD of 95% and a 10 year warranty. The modular design of the battery enables storage banks to be built in units of 4.8kWh. The units are simply daisy-chained together for communication, and links are provided for connecting the batteries parallel. These batteries can require brackets for mounting.

Key features

  • Remote upgrade
  • 80A charge/discharge rate, 100A @ 15min, 200A @ 15s
  • Up to 16 units per COM string, when using the LV Hub this can be up to 480 batteries!
  • Four levels of current protection – charging/discharging MOS, dual passive and active fuses and pre-charge circuit

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Additional information

Weight 50 kg


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