This months testing in June 2019 – Running Fridge Freezers

Solar Testing

This month we are testing our 4 Panel 1375w Ground Mount System, testing it on different outputs running a 240v Fridge Freezer on a 12v System, 24v System and a 48v System.
Refridgerators are a good test as customers are always asking us about running fridges in camper vans, off grid homes etc..
Yes you will be supprised how many people are actually ditching there electricity supply and generating there own electricy, this is where we step in.
Ground mounts or Solar Sheds are a great place to start as they are:
a) small
b) low to the ground
c) upgradable adding more panels and batteries as you learn
d) moveable
e) don’t require planning permission
f) low cost to start
Our Off Grid starter kits start from £1384.00 + Shipping
This includes the 4 panel ground mount system 1375w
12v 40amp Solar Controller which can be used 12v or 24v
12v 220ah Leisure Battery
1500/3000w Modified Sine Inverter which converts 12v DC to 240v AC
Starter cables and battery leads.

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