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I get asked weekly now, ‘Is it possible to get to Zero Carbon?’.

Well I think will alot of effort and a huge mindshift yes it is. BUT and there is always a BUT… I feel people have become lazy, or should I say ‘Content’ they fear change and want things to stay as they are. Well I think the planet has a different idea and when you’re dealing with Mother Nature you know who is going to win everytime.

I still think education has to be the way forward for this eventhough I get alot of backlash from the Neighsayers, I guess when it all goes wrong these will be the same people who will be the first to say ‘why did’nt you tell us?’ eventhough we have been trying to for decades.

We have implimented new systems over the past few months and upgraded some others, we try to be Carbon Zero the best we can especially when it comes to Fossil Fuels.

Our Solar System has be producing over 40kw of electricity per day saving us over £4000.00 in electric per year and over 2.5tons of Carbon.

Not only that our Toilet waste is liquidised and pumped into a small Reedbed Filtration System which also removes the carbon footprint envolved in sending this to a treatment plant.

Our new Rainwater Harvesting system is working well now we have had some rain, cleaning the gutters is a bane mind, also now that Autumn is here and the leaves are falling off but trying to be Carbon Zero was’nt going to be easy, BUT by making small steps you can quickly design new processes to fix problems which I suppose is what Bill Gates is trying to say.

Every year, the world adds approximately 51 billion tons of greenhouse gases to the atmosphere, trapping heat and driving up global temperatures.

The only way to avoid the worst impacts of climate change is to stop adding greenhouse gases by 2050.

We need an unprecedented technological transformation that gets us from the greenhouse gas-producing tools we currently rely on to a new set of innovations powerful enough to give everyone in the world access to clean, reliable and affordable energy.

We need to transform the way we do almost everything.

“My basic optimism about climate change comes from my belief in innovation. The conditions have never been more clear for backing energy breakthroughs. It’s our power to invent that makes me hopeful.”

Bill Gates

Getting to net-zero will be an enormous challenge. It means transforming virtually everything in modern life and every major sector of the economy: Electricity, agriculture, manufacturing, transportation and buildings. Yet we’re optimistic that the world can rise to this challenge.

The more each of us learns about climate change, the better positioned we are as individuals, communities, and nations to do something about it. But the scope and scale of the challenge can make it difficult to understand which innovations will actually make a difference. And the big numbers and complex data mean it’s sometimes impossible to separate the really good ideas from the many good intentions.

Sorry this is quite text heavy, so thank you so much if you made it to the end.


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