Looking after your Lithium Battery Pack during the winter months.

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Winter is here with a bang, UK temperature dropped from 10 degrees to -2 degrees bringing with it all the problems. 7th December 2022.

So just had a customer on the phone who had purchased a Off Grid Solar System from an installer and had it fitted in his garage, he was getting nowhere with the company who fitted it as they did’nt understand the problem with the BMS error (Battery Management System).

Conversation went like this…

I have a self consumption Solar Battery System with a 5kw Lithium Battery.

‘It has been working fine until yesterday when it came up with an error and today it just won’t switch on’

I asked if the batteries had been protected from the Cold Temperatures with some sort of insulation to which I was told no and the temperature of the garage was -2 degrees C

‘Ahh’, I said, I’m 99% positive that the BMS on the Lithium Battery has put the battery into hibernation due to the low temperature.

Lithium BMS has a Low Temp Sensor and a High Temp Sensor.

In order for most Lithium Batteries to work correctly the need to be 5 Degrees minimum (Most 10 degrees) and in an area no hotter than 36 Degrees depending on the model.

So if you have your batteries in a cold exposed area where the temperature may drop to freezing make sure to cover them with a blanket or some form of insulation otherwise they will shut down.

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