Off Grid Solar During the Winter Months

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Solar Panels During Winter

Winter is here…

Customers ask me why there solar system doesn’t work as well during the winter ?

The simple answer is ‘That’s because its Winter’, there is less Sun, less daylight hours and the Sun is lower in the sky. This is Winter.

From the end of October until mid February are difficult times for any Off Grid Solar System. This is because of what we mentioned above and also electric consumption goes up.

As the nights get darker more lighting is needed and for a longer period using up your precious resources not only that but you spend more time inside watching TV, Cooking, Gaming etc..

This is why we try to overspec systems so they can get you through the winter months but it is still hard to forecast as weather changes ‘Well like the weather’, consumption can change daily, having a good generator available on standby is always a bonus. As of today we have still managed to scrape through without the use of the generator but I guess that will change as we drop deeper into Winter until we reach the shortest daylight day around the Christmas mark then the other 20 days or so coming out of the dark days.

Roll on the Spring and don’t forget to clean the snow off your panels…



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